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LO completes Blend app



  • Derek Tholt

    Hi Tracey! If the LO completes the application, they still have the ability to send an invitation to both borrowers for any additional follow ups, etc., depending on your environment. Each borrower will receive an invite as long as they have their own, separate email address. 

  • Sam Quilter

    Hi Tracy,

    Great question!  The answer to this depends on what you mean when you say “an LO completes the application”:

    If by “an LO completes the application” you mean the LO has taken the file in Blend all the way to the point where the file shows in “application completed” status and the LO is sending out “follow up only” invitation emails to the borrowers, then yes, the LO can send the invitations to all the borrowers on the file at the same time.


    If by “an LO completes the application” you mean the LO completes setting up the file in Blend and is now trying to invite the borrowers to review and finalize submitting the application, then no, the LO will not be able to send the invitations to all the borrowers at the same time.  Instead, the LO will only be able to send an invite to the primary borrower. 

    However, once the primary borrower finishes their part of the application, an invitation email will automatically go to the co-borrower allowing them to login and access the file as well.


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