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Borrower tasks


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  • Sam Quilter

    Hi Julie Seal

    This is a great question.  My initial recommendation would be to first make sure the tasks are assigned to the borrower on the Lender side and that the task is in the “Borrower to do” status.

    To check that the task has been assigned to the borrower, simply go to the Follow-ups tab in Blend and look directly beneath the name of the task.  It should show the name of the person the task is assigned to.  If it isn’t the borrower’s name, they wont see the task when they log in and a new task assigned to them should be setup.


    To check that the task is in the “Borrower to do” status, go to the Follow-ups tab and refer to the “Status” column. To be visible to the borrower, it should be in the status shown below:

    If you have verified that both of the above are correct, but the borrower still is not seeing the tasks, next check the activity tab of the file in Blend.  In the activity tab, review when the borrower last logged in and see if Blend shows that the log in happened under the correct borrower's name.

    In situations where there are multiple borrowers, one borrower may be erroneously logging in under the other borrower's profile, which will prevent them from seeing the correct task list.  If the activity tab shows the wrong borrowers name, this is likely the case and the best thing to do is to focus on helping them log in again ensuring they are using the right credentials and the task list should appear for them.

    Hope this is helpful to you!  Feel free to reach out if you you'd like to discuss further.


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