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Email already in use


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  • Ivan Guzman

    Hi Tracey M henley, it sounds like the borrower is clicking "Sign up" instead of "Sign in" when they are in the Blend log in page. Clicking Sign up will start a new application but if they are using the same email, they will get the alert "A user with the email already exists."

    What borrowers can do in this case where they want to apply for a new loan using the same email address:

    1. Log in to the borrower portal using their current email address and password

    2. Click their name located on the top right corner

    3. Select New Application

    The borrower will be able to switch between applications following the same steps. Refer to Additional application for an existing borrower (borrower experience) to see what that looks like.

    Additionally, lenders can create a new application for borrowers through the pipeline and send an invitation to the borrower for that additional application. Refer to Create an additional application for an existing borrower to learn more. I hope you find this helpful.


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