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Encompass WebCenter sunset



  • Cathy Daust

    We were using Consumer Connect while implementing Blend.  It is messy to use both.  There is a setting in Encompass (accessed using F9 and selecting the Blend card) to allow for both.  However, this means that only loans begun in Blend will use Blend for eSiging etc.  Your borrowers would need to have 2 separate user accounts in order to access everything you want the to do in Blend and then a Consumer Connect account to access the pieces you want completed or access there.  We have now converted completely to Blend and no longer use Consumer Connect.  


  • Linda Weeks

    Yes, we are planning on doing that also. During the rare occasion that a loan is started in Encompass, we will sync to Blend right away. Then eConsent/Disclosures go through Blend, which is good. My main concern was the HTML emails going out to 3rd parties (escrow, insurance primarily). That uses a subset of CC functionality. 


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