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Asset statements




  • Luba Mainz

    No, I believe this is one of those borrower-only tasks because you don't want the borrower telling the LO what the login to their bank account is. 

    Here is a link to an article that talks about what the LO cannot do on behalf of the borrower:

  • Sam Quilter

    Hey Tracey M henley


    The loan officer wont be able to directly connect the asset on their side (mainly because this would require the borrower to give the LO the login credentials for all their bank accounts). 

    However, you can still connect assets on a file an LO starts.  To do this, you would just use the follow up task called “Asset Statements”.  This will send an email to the borrower that will let them enter their online banking credentials and add the assets to the application the LO started.


    Hopes that helps!


    Screenshot of Asset Statements follow up task setup for reference:

  • Britt Stenstrom

    Hello Tracey,

    No, the loan officer is not able to connect a borrower's assets on their behalf, even in copilot mode. The loan officer is simply listing the banks and balances. I would advise against the client giving the loan officer their bank account username and password for security reasons. The client should login to their bank and connect their assets on their own. Note, when pushing out the request the borrower to connect after LO entered app, in a follow up request or in the app, the loan officer should remove the listed assets as it makes a more user friendly connection experience for the borrower.


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