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LO Signature(s) on documents not sent to borrower


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  • Sam Quilter

    Hi Liana Gettel,

    I don’t believe Blend has a specific workflow designed to support the situation you are trying to address.  So, I don’t think there are any straight-forward solutions to your problem.  With that being said, it is possible to send a document to the LO to sign without the borrower getting notifications through Blend.  This is done basically using the same workflow you would use to send a gift letter to a third-party to sign without sending notifications to the borrower about it.  The primary difference being that you would use the Custom Document selection instead of the actual gift letter selection when setting it up.  The steps to setup a custom document to match your situation are below:


    • Go to the follow up section in Blend, select “Add”, Select Start a New List, go to the “Custom” category section, and select “Custom Document”
    • On the Custom Document setup screen, use the following setup:
      1. Mark that a signature is required from the applicant
      2. Go into the “Manage third parties” section and add the Loan Officer as an additional recipient of the document
      3. Select the checkbox next to the LO’s name
      4. Remove the checkbox next to the borrowers name (this can only be done after adding the third party signer)
      5. Upload the document and add the places for the LO to sign
      6. Review and send the request
    • Once done, the follow up will only send out email notifications about the required task to the 3rd party listed (the LO) and will automatically mark the task as complete and stop notifications altogether once the LO signs the document.'

    Hope that helps!


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